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Guest Posting Like a Boss

Guest Posting

Guest PostingGuest posting has never got so much love. Yet still not everyone has joined the party, we just don’t like that. So this is your official invite.

Step4WardMedia can publish wonderfully crafted guest posts by our stylish word-slingers in record time. Unlike our competitors (booo, hisss) we can get your posts live in a matter of days. Our content is nothing shy of mesmerizing, and we will get your content live on high ranked blogs before you’ve had a chance to send us your thank you bonus.

Why You Should Guest Post With Step4Ward Media?


WritersOur team of professional scribes love nothing more than carving up some high-end copy just for you. All jokes aside, these guys are the best. Whether it’s going viral with punchy chat, or serious, academic script we’ve got you covered boss. That’s a guarantee.

Powerful sites

Powerful SitesWe don’t go publishing guest posts just anywhere. The guest posts will get the maximum google juice possible. The vast, vast majority of our blogs have a domain authority of 25+, page rank 2+, more linking root domains than you can shake a stick at and jammed packed full of other awesome content.


ExpertsWe lock our writers in a cupboard until they know everything about the topic at hand. Not really. But we literally spend hours researching topics and niches so the content we write is cutting edge. You’ll be proud to be associated with our content.


NichesWe’re all over the net. The niches we can cover are travel, health, finance, female, education, fashion, home improvement, gambling and much, much more. Drop us a line with your needs and we’ll match them.

Guest Posting Packages

We love to offer bespoke options for all our clients depending on more specific criteria. But just to make sure you guys know what you you’re getting yourselves in for here are our basic pricing structures...

*Our product prices cover all brainstorming, researching, content production and placement.

Pet Poodle

Pet Poodle

Top Dog

Top Dog

450 Words 650 words
DA 20+, PR2+ DA 25+, PR3+
Tertiary Educated, Native-English Speaking Writer Degree Educated, Native-English Speaking Writer
45 Minute Brainstorming Sesh 90 Minute Brainstorming Sesh
Photos Included Photos Included

From $89

From $149


For sure. If you’d like to share ideas, or titles or entire articles then we’re happy to work together. We can even discount slightly if you’d prefer to supply your tribe’s content instead of ours. If you would prefer to leave all the hard yards to us though, that’s even better. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Purrrleaase. Do-follow. Always

Very, very well. We have 99.9% of all niches covered. If we don’t have it, we’ll let you know before we place it elsewhere. We promise.

Of course not, rest easy. The links will be strategically placed throughout the article, not added as an afterthought, and not in the author bio.

Many of our clients place 100+ posts per month with us and we’d be delighted to add you to that list. If you hit us with bulk, of course we’ll work out some mates-rates.

Why Step4Ward Media?

Why Step4Ward Media?We are bloggers, online marketers, SEO experts, copy writers and all round stand-up citizens. It's what we do. Long before nerds were cool, our guys were fixing tape to their glasses and bypassing mainframes.

You need some guest posting done? You want some stellar copy written? Need a blog to sex up your product?
Let's chat. The first drink is on you us.

What We Do

What We DoOnline marketing is our bag baby, we do all of the following and a lot more...

  • Guest Posting
  • Content Marketing
  • Blog Creating and Blog Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Copywriting
...and we do it all with swag. Like a boss. No doubt. Ok too much, but you get the picture.

Want to Work for Us?

Wanna Work for Us?You've been staring at us from a distance for long enough, it's sort of flattering but if you don't come and talk to us it's gonna start getting awkward, make your move.

Want to be part of something sexy? We're always on the look out for bright new things (interns, sales, writers etc), we're waiting for your kick-ass resume at

Contact Us

Contact UsWe're probably online right now, it's sorta our thing. If you need more information, wanna Step 4Ward (see what we did there?) with one of our snazzy products or just need a chat with a beautiful stranger then we're all ears.
Hit us up on...

...we'll get back to you within 24 hours (pinky promise).

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